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24/06/20- Update on COVID 19 rules at our garden centre.

We remain cleaning all our trollies and baskets prior to use, we offer sanitizer at the entrance and can be used at the tills.
Our tills and card machines are cleaned after every customer.
We will remain at TWO METRE distancing whilst shopping in all areas.
We will continue to monitor volume of customers and will ask people to wait to enter when areas are busy.
We now welcome children, but must stay close to parents. And please remember that where possible items should not be picked up unless choosing to purchase.
We are happy for customers to bring in their dogs, but must be on a short lead at all times. And obviously we request that dogs do not wee on products and all poo is bagged and disposed of in your own bins at home. Please do not leave in the car park!
Our toilets will remain shut from the public for the foreseeable future. Under no circumstances can they be used so please do not ask or embarrass the team.
Where possible we would like customers to load their own cars, but we are very happy to help those that cannot.
Our restaurant is under renovation and will not re open until autumn.
Thank you to all our customers who have visited and those that have given us great feed back on feeling safe! We endeavour to continue keeping all our team and customers safe for as long as it takes


14/06/20- We are back to our usual opening hours

28/05/20 – We have a new and exciting Tea Room opening in the Autumn. Watch this space for updates and news!


We have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare to open with all the safety measures in place to ensure our customers and our team are protected from the COVID -19 virus. We share with you the measures in place, and what needs to be adhered to, whilst shopping in the garden centre:

  • Sanitising stations will be at entrance and exit areas.
  • Screens are now fitted at till areas.
  • Floor markings and signage requiring that a 2 metre social distance must be maintained between all customers and staff at all times.
  • We will allow a maximum of 50 people in at any one time. We ask that visits are productive and maybe swifter than normal when we are very busy to ensure we do not build up a queue and too long of a wait for customers. A MAXIMUM OF 2 ADULTS can visit together at any visit.
  • We would like to remain contactless at this present time. So you need to ensure you are capable of loading your own compost and heavy items into your car.
  • Our tea room will not be open at present.
  • For our customers that are vulnerable, older and self isolating. We will still be offering a delivery service, all be it some what limited on how many days a week we are able to do so.

Thank you for your time in acknowledging this information. Safety is the key in these difficult times.

Our opening hours will be reduced at the beginning to ensure we can replenish stock and water etc, ensuring our team can carry out these duties safely.
Mon to Saturday 10am until 4pm. Sunday 10.30 until 4.30pm.



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As the new rules are now in...we are asking all our customers to wear a face mask over their nose and mouth when entering the garden centre. This also includes the outside areas! Our team are all wearing masks in all areas to keep ALL of us safe in these difficult times. Please do not remove your mask until you reach the car park on your exit. Thank you for your cooperation! We are keeping our garden centre a great safe place to shop! See you soon. ...

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