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04/10/20- Building work has commenced on our exciting new establishment which will be open in the New Year!

24/06/20- Update on COVID 19 rules at our garden centre.

We remain cleaning all our trollies and baskets prior to use, we offer sanitizer at the entrance and can be used at the tills.
Our tills and card machines are cleaned after every customer.
We will remain at TWO METRE distancing whilst shopping in all areas.
We will continue to monitor volume of customers and will ask people to wait to enter when areas are busy.
We now welcome children, but must stay close to parents. And please remember that where possible items should not be picked up unless choosing to purchase.
We are happy for customers to bring in their dogs, but must be on a short lead at all times. And obviously we request that dogs do not wee on products and all poo is bagged and disposed of in your own bins at home. Please do not leave in the car park!
Our toilets will remain shut from the public for the foreseeable future. Under no circumstances can they be used so please do not ask or embarrass the team.
Where possible we would like customers to load their own cars, but we are very happy to help those that cannot.
Our restaurant is under renovation and will not re open until the New Year.
Thank you to all our customers who have visited and those that have given us great feed back on feeling safe! We endeavour to continue keeping all our team and customers safe for as long as it takes

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Grow bags now in stock! Tubs thinks the super Tom is the best! See you soon! ❀️ ...

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The Tea Room is ready for opening its doors again on that magical date in April! We have created a fantastic super size outdoor area ready for all!
We would like to thank all our regular customers for their positive feedback on the work we have carried out and our new Hosts look forward to meeting all our customers old and new and offering you a fabulous menu. We know from many of you that you cannot wait!
More details to follow and we will tease you with some photos shortly of the completely renovated inside area 😊 See you soon.

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The suns out...spring is on its way! The garden centre is brimming with fabulous plants and those who visited this weekend didn’t seem to be able to resist filling a trolly! See you soon. 🌞🌼🌸🌻🌳🌿🌡🌷🌹🌝 ...

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