Winter and Spring flowering baskets available now!


Hanging Gardens Nurseries has been planting for over 27 years and we are probably the best in Essex at planting a hanging basket.

Baskets are planted each season, once you have purchased one of our filled iron baskets, you can return this empty to swap with a full basket.

Summer baskets are filled with our home grown plants in many colour schemes so there is always something to compliment your home, whether it is country cottage pastels or tropical eye catching brights. We use geraniums, begonias and fuchsias as the show stoppers and, complimenting these, is an abundance of trailing baskets plants. Beautiful from May until mid to late October.

Winter baskets are packed full of pansies, polys, aubretia, ivy and a huge selection of spring flowering bulbs to surprise you! These baskets are truly beautiful and give you colour from September through to late May.